Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ring Around The Complex

Some people really hate Complex, and even more for objective gametypes. It's certainly a trick to catch that ball-runner once he's off and around the bend... For objective slayers like us, it's very amusing.

I'm still working on refining the recording/rendering quality. This one was recorded at 720p, 5000kpbs, and rendered in AVCHD 720p. Somehow the Youtube version lacks a 720p selection, so I'll have to keep tinkering. Regardless, here it is!

Playlist: Team Oddball

HTR Level: 16
Map: Complex
Party:  Ered Wethrin, Tol Eressea, Xavier, Mormegil
Mood: Like flies to a flame
Length: 7min

PoV: Ered Wethrin

PoV: Tol Eressea

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Jesse Mcconnell said...

They don't seem to be playing...