Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Team Hardcore (Repost from MLG forums)

I guess because I haven't been able to actually get on Live much lately, I've been reading up more in the various halo forums (or just checking HBO *grin*). Here's an interesting note about team hardcore I noticed today. More games to come later hopefully.


I'm a little slow lately on keeping up with all of bungie's updates for matchmaking, but after reading a post on optimatch, I put halo 2 back into my xbox 360 to check out the new changes.

I started to play team hardcore, and the 1st thing I noticed was that I started getting matched with clans, or players using the same gamertags. After a few more games, I realised that party restrictions have been taken away as I again play another party of 4.

If any of you didn'y know how party restrictions worked, basically you had big parties and small in a 4 v 4 game. You have a minimum big party of 3 and a max of 4, and teams of 4 would only get matched with teams of 4, and 3's with other teams of 3 then wait for 2 single players to fill in the gaps. Many people have been annoyed by this because it would take forever to get a game playing in a party of 4. A party of 2 would never play with teams of 3 and 4, ever, teams of 2 would only play with other teams of 2 or singles. Team hardcore feels so different now, in a really good way.

Now after the update in the playlists; party restrictions are off and this is great news for anyone that loves playing with there team. You will know get matched with anyone, singles doubles, team of 3 or a team of 4. It's a much better playing experience for the team hardcore lover. Most games I played on my my own, and the games were much more balanced believe it or not, people never left games like they did before and the games were so much closer in score than ever before.

Another thing connections are much better believe it or not now in team hardcore, and it aal has to do with party restrictions. Before; the team hardcore search would be narrowed down to party sizes which narrow your chance of getting a good host also. It would also search for rank which would also narrow the chance of getting a good host.
Well party restrictions are now off so the only thing it takes into account is players ranks, and this results in team hardcore becoming and much better playing field for all.
The reason is because it's harder to bridge with party restriction off, a single could get lobby host and then a party of 4 join, thats the beauty of the new team hardcore.

Anyone that hasn't played team hardcore for a while because they play most customs or play something else, should absoltely try team hardcore again. You'll notice that the level system seems more balanced, you'll get better hosts and there's alot more communication all because party restrictions are off.

This is the best change to TEAM HARDCORE since TEAM HARDCORE, if any hardcore gamerz haven't played in awhile check it out, it's really quite fun now.




Matthew said...

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