Monday, December 11, 2006

Semester Is Nearly Done

Playlist: Custom 2v2
Gametype: Slayer Rifles
Map: Lockout
My Team: Cel Blade
Their Team: Some People
Mood: Intense
Game Length: 20min approx

POV: Ered Wethrin

Playlist: Double Team
Gametype: Team Ball
Map: Sanctuary
My Team: Clone
Their Team: XBL People
Mood: Strange
Game Length: 10min approx.

POV: Ered Wethrin


madgecko said...

I <3 the 180 no-scope on Lockout!!! so sick!

SpudMuffin said...

Not to tell you how to play, or anything, but BXRs would really help you improve your game.

tol eressea said...

On that note... I've spent at least an hour in the last three days doing nothing but BxRing walls. It's pretty good now, I've begun making use of it in games. Hopefully you'll get to see some soon :)