Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Playlist: Double Team
Gametype: 2v2 Slayer Hum
Map: Warlock
Our Team: Ered Wethrin, Tol Eressea
Their Team: XBL Folk
Mood: Rocky-esque
Game Length: 8min

POV Ered Wethrin:

POV Tol Eressea:

Playlist: Team Hardcore
Gametype: Neutral Bomb
Map: Midship
Our Team: Ered Wethrin, killagorilla, GoldenGamer
Their Team: XBL Folk
Mood: Nervous
Game Length: approx. 16min

POV Ered Wethrin:

Playlist: Team Hardcore
Gametype: Team Ball
Map: Lockout
Our Team: Ered Wethrin, killagorilla
Their Team: XBL Folk
Mood: Controlled, Defensive
Game Length: approx. 13min

POV Ered Wethrin:


SpudMuffin said...

Weird that on the 2v2 game, Ered's video gets smushed, but Tol's doesn't. I'd assume they'd be about the same size.

Tol - Thanks for putting Speaker Output so we could hear mics.

danielreid said...

He has trouble doing that cause we're usually playing late at night and the outputted speakers might wake his roommates. He's also recording in slightly different quality and size, which is why they're different. He's trying to work out the right porportions.