Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Adventures of yesterday:

Playlist: Team Hardcore
Gametype: 3 Flag CTF
Map: Battle Creek
Our Team: Tol Eressea, Ered Wethrin, Brycerton, and the SRG
Their Team: Just idiots really.
Mood: I just got back from th- it's over already?
Game Length: 4min approx

POV Tol Eressea:

Playlist: Double Team
Gametype: Team Slayer Human
Map: Midship
Our Team: Tol Eressea, Brycerton
Their Team: "We're getting raped."
Mood: Host!
Game Length: 10min approx

POV Tol Eressea:

And if you feel like it... a lockout rumble pit I played. They were kinda low level though, so I'm not gonna bother to embed it.

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SpudMuffin said...

Heh, nice flag return at the end of the CTF game.